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Awards 32 / 126 (25.4%)
Medals 4 / 20 (20%)
Badges 15 / 66 (22.73%)
Pins 10 / 16 (62.5%)
Ribbons 3 / 24 (12.5%)

Last earned Awards

Problem Solver Pin Problem Solver Pin
08-10-07 14:36
Combat Efficiency Pin Combat Efficiency Pin
08-10-07 14:36
Transport Service Badge Transport Service Badge
08-09-27 17:21
Gold Star Gold Star
08-09-27 15:47


Bronze Star Bronze Star
08-09-08 16:22 last
08-08-29 09:50 first
5x earned
Silver Star Silver Star
08-09-18 21:25 last
08-08-30 15:11 first
8x earned
Gold Star Gold Star
08-09-27 15:47 last
08-08-30 16:13 first
10x earned
Infantry Combat Medal Infantry Combat Medal
08-09-01 16:07 last
08-09-01 16:07 first
1x earned
Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Medal
4.04% Progress
Meritorious Infantry Combat Medal Meritorious Infantry Combat Medal
28.57% Progress
Infantry Combat Of Merit Medal Infantry Combat Of Merit Medal
0% Progress
Medal Of Gallantry Medal Of Gallantry
21.21% Progress
European Honorific Cross European Honorific Cross
12.21% Progress
Distinguished Pan Asian Star Distinguished Pan Asian Star
9.26% Progress
Meritorious Conquest Medal Meritorious Conquest Medal
10.98% Progress
Meritorious Titan Medal Meritorious Titan Medal
24.82% Progress
Aircraft Combat Medal Aircraft Combat Medal
2.16% Progress
Armor Service Medal Armor Service Medal
1.08% Progress
Good Conduct Medal Good Conduct Medal
16.74% Progress
Honorable Service Medal Honorable Service Medal
15.91% Progress
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Air Transport Transfer Medal Air Transport Transfer Medal
4.89% Progress
Titan Medallion Titan Medallion
56.52% Progress
Ground Base Medallion Ground Base Medallion
30.07% Progress


Support Service Badge Support Service Badge
08-09-18 21:40 earned
39.45% Progress
Recon Service Badge Recon Service Badge
08-08-29 10:06 earned
20.23% Progress
Assault Service Badge Assault Service Badge
08-08-29 10:06 earned
30.66% Progress
Engineer Badge Engineer Badge
08-08-30 15:33 earned
10.55% Progress
Collectors Badge Collectors Badge
08-09-18 21:40 earned
100% Progress
Pistol Commendation Badge Pistol Commendation Badge
08-08-29 15:50 earned
72% Progress
Explosive Gallantry Badge Explosive Gallantry Badge
08-08-29 16:46 earned
46% Progress
Air Defense Badge Air Defense Badge
08-08-31 15:56 earned
1.52% Progress
Resupply Service Badge Resupply Service Badge
08-08-29 16:03 earned
100% Progress
Transport Service Badge Transport Service Badge
08-09-27 17:21 earned
11.78% Progress
Titan Defense Excellence Badge Titan Defense Excellence Badge
08-08-28 16:43 earned
65.22% Progress
Titan Destruction Achievement Badge Titan Destruction Achievement Badge
08-09-18 23:14 earned
65% Progress
Squad Leader Badge Squad Leader Badge
0% Progress
Commander Excellence Badge Commander Excellence Badge
0% Progress
Titan Commander Badge Titan Commander Badge
0% Progress
Engineer Excellence Badge Engineer Excellence Badge
2.57% Progress
Medic Excellence Badge Medic Excellence Badge
4.09% Progress
Armor Service Badge Armor Service Badge
1.29% Progress
Aircraft Service Badge Aircraft Service Badge
6.58% Progress
Titan Combat Excellence Badge Titan Combat Excellence Badge
32.61% Progress
Arctic Combat Badge Arctic Combat Badge
0% Progress
Vehicle Excellence Badge Vehicle Excellence Badge
0% Progress


Combat Efficiency Pin Combat Efficiency Pin
08-10-07 14:36 last
06-12-11 13:16 first
48x earned
Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin
08-09-24 22:07 last
08-08-29 09:50 first
11x earned
Problem Solver Pin Problem Solver Pin
08-10-07 14:36 last
08-08-28 16:13 first
6x earned
Titan Destructor Pin Titan Destructor Pin
08-08-31 11:05 last
08-08-30 16:55 first
2x earned
Titan Defender Pin Titan Defender Pin
08-09-09 15:06 last
08-08-28 16:43 first
11x earned
Infiltrator Pin Infiltrator Pin
08-09-24 21:28 last
08-09-24 21:28 first
1x earned
Collectors Pin Collectors Pin
08-09-18 21:25 last
08-09-01 16:07 first
12x earned
Explosive Efficiency Pin Explosive Efficiency Pin
08-08-29 16:22 last
08-08-29 16:22 first
1x earned
Titan survival Pin Titan survival Pin
08-09-18 22:50 last
08-08-29 16:22 first
2x earned
Firearm Efficiency Pin Firearm Efficiency Pin
08-09-24 22:07 last
08-08-29 15:50 first
4x earned
Troop Transporter Pin Troop Transporter Pin
Wheels Of Hazard Pin Wheels Of Hazard Pin
Emergency Rescue Pin Emergency Rescue Pin
Clear Skies Pin Clear Skies Pin
Close Combat Pin Close Combat Pin
Assault Lines Attack Pin Assault Lines Attack Pin


Aircraft Service Ribbon Aircraft Service Ribbon
08-09-03 15:52 last
Halo Ribbon Halo Ribbon
08-08-30 15:33 last
Soldier Merit Ribbon Soldier Merit Ribbon
08-09-18 21:40 last
Air Defense Ribbon Air Defense Ribbon
Infantry Officer Ribbon Infantry Officer Ribbon
3.01% Progress
Combat Commander Ribbon Combat Commander Ribbon
0% Progress
Distinguished Unit Service Ribbon Distinguished Unit Service Ribbon
20.19% Progress
Meritorious Unit Service Ribbon Meritorious Unit Service Ribbon
24.27% Progress
Valorous Unit Service Ribbon Valorous Unit Service Ribbon
10.91% Progress
War College Ribbon War College Ribbon
0% Progress
Armored Service Ribbon Armored Service Ribbon
Crew Service Ribbon Crew Service Ribbon
28.26% Progress
Pac Duty Ribbon Pac Duty Ribbon
85.04% Progress
European Duty Ribbon European Duty Ribbon
85.85% Progress
Good Conduct Ribbon Good Conduct Ribbon
60.28% Progress
Legion Of Merit Ribbon Legion Of Merit Ribbon
62.56% Progress
Ground Base Defense Ribbon Ground Base Defense Ribbon
8% Progress
Aerial Service Ribbon Aerial Service Ribbon
4.89% Progress
Titan Aerial Defense Ribbon Titan Aerial Defense Ribbon
0.43% Progress
Titan Commander Ribbon Titan Commander Ribbon
0% Progress
Operation Snowflake Ribbon Operation Snowflake Ribbon
0% Progress
Cold Front Unit Service Ribbon Cold Front Unit Service Ribbon
0% Progress
Transporter Duty Ribbon Transporter Duty Ribbon
0% Progress
Meritorious Winterstrike Ribbon Meritorious Winterstrike Ribbon
0% Progress

Term explanation

ioR: A condition within a round which must be reached.