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BF2142 Stats Updates

We are now giving every User the oportunity to update their stats at

There are two Methods:

1. Search a player (top left) and than click on the "Add" button.
This puts a player into a Queue which will be updated quite soon.
After the update the player will be removed from the Queue, however you can repeat this Step and your player will be in the Queue again.

2. Register, Login, Add your Soldier in your Control Panel.
Your Soldier is now permanently added to the Queue and will be updated every time.

You can also participate in your Region Ranking.
After the registration you will have the oportunity to use all our Features such as; creating your own Signature, participate as a User on our Forums and including your own Playerlist into your own Webpage.

If your Soldier reaches the Queue position 0, he will be updated.
How quick you move towards position 0 depends on the players we are hoding in our Database and how quick the update script is running.

We try to provide a service to Battlefield 2142 players which is reliable, accurate and helpful.

8. July 2007: New Button for faster update in Control Panel.
In your Control Panel under Soldier you can now find a Button called 'Faster Update'. You can only see that button if you really have the chance for a faster update.
If you hit the button, your player gets into another queue where you will get a faster update.
It needs mostly not more than 2 minutes for update after you hit the button.

See also:
Instructions for internal BF2142 Stats updates
Written on 07-04-26 14:41 from HigH_HawK Rating count: 222 | Rating: 8.4 | Rating


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elite_rider 07-04-29 11:50
your are a best
ziRomE 07-04-29 18:56
dank :)
pid_01 07-04-30 16:21
mine wont refresh!

name: P1d.01*
CommanderKeen1 07-04-30 21:45
Mine neither
dru987 07-04-30 23:41
this site is soooo money!! i friggin hate EA's site!!
chopper 07-05-01 08:04
My stats are verry old. and do not update properly..
muvoTX 07-05-01 14:10
it dosent work =(
Anubis_BE 07-05-01 16:08
If you registered you need to add your soldier to your account in case you didnt do that allready.

To do this click on the control panel link in the top of the screen AFTER logging in. Then you click on the soldiers tab. There type your soldier name into the field and click save. Voila you are now in the queue. In that page you can also see where you are in the queue exactly and when your stats will be updated.

eristoff666 07-05-01 17:30
your are a best
Razvedka 07-05-03 03:25
Murphy3303 07-05-03 19:27
iq123mai 07-05-04 14:01
Arctic_Bliss 07-05-06 00:53
Are there any way to see the queue or see what number my soldier has?
RW.Ares 07-05-06 08:32
tnx . I hope U ll updaate me soon :)
redbulls777 07-05-07 15:34
SkymasterLz 07-05-07 16:52
Aavikkokettu 07-05-08 23:55
bypass 07-05-09 22:53
YooB 07-05-10 05:26
Anubis_BE 07-05-11 00:46
Read my previous post (07-05-01 16:08)! I described there where you can see your place in the queue and what you need to do to actually get in the queue. Reading isnt that hard, is it?
hynerian 07-05-11 18:34
cool cool but i want a sig with all my badges on how do i get this pls
pedestrian 07-05-11 18:53
furgaz 07-05-16 07:49
update pls!
tchabrak 07-05-16 14:16
In french its possible please
BLUGREEN65 07-05-18 00:09
Please update my statistic. thanks
urban~MCS 07-05-19 12:46
ADMINISTRATORS I NEED HELP PLEASE i tried to go onto the forums but it says im not registered or my account is not activated by i must be as my stats are updateing just fine can you help me please
urban~MCS 07-05-20 14:20
how do i put a sig for use in the forums etc i have seen the one that i want but dont know how to get it
alex-bzh 07-05-20 18:50
Scarl3t_29 07-05-22 15:38
Update my statistic plz
CHIEF34 07-05-23 01:15
CrappyPuppy 07-05-25 18:33
Stats won't update :(
NuiLaos 07-05-27 09:54
update my statistic plz sir!
Gate_Keeper 07-05-27 20:31

------------- The Queue is building up and stats are not updating right now

Is there an ETA on the fix ?

photon670 07-05-28 03:45
Region Ranking is missing several countries. How can i view rankings for Moldova?
NuiLaos 07-05-29 11:02
my queue is (Queue position) 16052/18873

urban~MCS 07-05-30 17:02
when i log on to here and click on control panel my details are no longer there what has happened to them??
U5719045 07-05-31 06:56
Hey...Heres an idea. How about you guys make your website a little more user friendly!!!
Comander13 07-06-02 12:23
It makes totaly sence! I DONT F#CKING GET IT!
RW.Ares 07-06-03 18:05
I NEED HELP I dont know why , but my ID=98231096 at EA stats CHANGED to ID=101209673 . Now I can find my new player , But click on it-it opens old player . I want delete old RW.Ares stat for new.
1ApRiL 07-06-03 18:38
Enter the new PID as your standard player in your soldiers control center and it will delete your old pid at the next update.
Rookie Rouch 07-06-06 17:43
Hello, my nickname is RookieRouch and my stats aren't update. Thanks.
Roadkiller3 07-06-07 10:48
its not puting in my soldiers name .. and how can i update these stats to fourms etc?

(soldier name is same as mine, Roadkiller3)
Pinhead 07-06-09 14:15
Danke !!
Rookie Rouch 07-06-11 20:29
hello my stats are nt update!! thanks!
Barabass_Be 07-06-16 11:48
When you choose the country BELGIUM in the profile settings, only the flamish regions are available (only 50% of belgian peeps). The french parts of belgium isn't available at all.
venny 07-06-16 17:42
it keeps saying server overloaded! and its only a weekday!!! ahhh!!!
07-06-20 22:41
yea the information on this site is great but the damn servers are to fricken slow.
TV-12 07-06-21 03:59
This is hands down the worst stats site EVER!! It's slow as hell, it never updates. Whats the point?
Rock$olid 07-06-23 15:26
My queue is stuck.. It doesent change. My current queue is 6571 and has been that way for 10 hours.
Also my nick (Rock$olid) do not show at the queue screen. My last problem is the sig doesent type my nick correctly. I guess its probably because of the $ in Rock$olid. Please help me out...
N0valufe 07-06-24 16:46
i dont nderstand I regestrad me and logged in and add my soldier but nothing happend:(
Angelofdeath7285 07-06-28 06:06
ADMINISTRATORS ? i have a serious trouble i have bin bannish of the server because i have "too mach teamkilling" i need to know if it is the really for that i have bin bannish, and if you please cancel the ban I LOVE SO MUCH TOO PLAY IN THAT SERVER PLEAZE HELP ME :'((((
WARjunkie 07-06-29 23:32
i dont c the add button anywhere ? pls point him out for me thx
sludem 07-07-03 03:03
merci de mettre a jour mes stat
BLUGREEN65 07-07-03 23:06
Please update my statistic. thanks, last update major silver ranking, now lieutenant colonel silver
Specialist7 07-07-06 06:34
How do you update your player stats??? plz tell me
M.J.SINGLETON 07-07-08 14:17
Thanks! wasnt able to update before i signed up. The faster update button is a lot better....I get it done real quick now. Cheers
oneARMED 07-07-08 17:43
My stats work correctly. Thanks to the admin(s) for this great stats-site! Sometimes I have to wait 2 hours for an update, but this is ok for a free service.
Mike*Iceman 07-07-09 06:54
when i give my soldier name in soldier tab to add it, i have the message "username not found"
Mike*Iceman is the name ... why does this don't work?
1ApRiL 07-07-09 10:31
Hi Mike*Iceman I checked your name everywhere I can check it. But I found nothing.
You have to search for your soldiername without prefix. The Soldiername is that name which you see ingame when you play or at the top of the game menus. If you have a prefix, don't search for the prefix only the soldiername.
dru987 07-07-10 03:21
i can not tell you how much i love this site. EA's site sucks sooo bad. keep up the good work!
Fibrex 07-07-11 12:44
Good Job
JLCantu82 07-07-12 07:40
how do you see who has your dog tags?
Valriguard 07-07-13 23:13
go ingame and check.
rEfLeX1337 07-07-16 05:02
furgaz 07-07-17 12:35
update pls!
ZEZOLAH 07-07-18 02:08
naz10870 07-07-24 11:14
vanadise 07-07-29 08:39
pls... up date
jaj202 07-08-05 00:22
i need a update plz
harrygyn 07-08-05 22:50
coldzoneblues 07-08-08 04:26
1 MAJORLEEHUNG Lieutenant Colonel Gold 10010 31183 128:32:53 1.286 1.298 ,,,,is NOT on my list ...pls ajust this error ....coldzoneblues
BADDYDOGY 07-08-09 02:16
Tks everybody
Thank you for your visit.

The update completion was done yesterday.
It gives priority to victory more than the score!!!

BADDYDOGY 07-08-09 02:29
Tks everybody
Thank you for your visit.

The update completion was done yesterday.
It gives priority to victory more than the score!!!

BADDYDOGY 07-08-09 02:34
When it is promoted to some degree and the unlock ends, the content
of the game is a shipment of supplies as the important covering
suport soldier.
Radar installation
installation beacon start
It contributes to the team though it is not reflected in the score.

Play to contribute to the team is borne in mind.
clz200264 07-08-10 06:36
mike0nl 07-08-11 14:45
faster update buten dont show ????
jaj202 07-08-14 06:45
need an update plz
soldat-d-elite 07-08-15 00:16
salut vous pouvez mettre a jours mon soldat:
soldat-d-elite merci d'avance
godvx11270 07-08-16 10:11
jinxter 07-08-17 22:19
my stats have not updated since 12 Aug, and I have used the faster update button numerous times
1ApRiL 07-08-17 22:26
jinxter you can try to readd your soldier.
1. delete your soldier in your Control Panel
2. add your soldier again by your soldiername.
jinxter 07-08-17 22:53
thanks, however, all my stats except for knife has updated...hmmmm
jaj202 07-08-18 11:43
need a update plz
Falcon(fr) 07-08-18 15:08
vive le sexe!
Mostizinh0 07-08-19 18:59
plz update
DeafSunchaser 07-08-20 15:22
server always full? why not upgrade?
Mostizinh0 07-08-23 22:35
Falcon(fr) 07-08-25 23:31
hnrydct0 07-08-26 23:12
mine is not refreshing
Falcon(fr) 07-08-29 10:03
crokata 07-09-04 09:04
sasnek22 07-09-04 09:40
BLUGREEN65 07-09-04 13:46
update my statistic plase, i'am colonel gold
sasnek22 07-09-05 09:40
Please update my statistic. thanks
WanderlustX2 07-09-06 09:35
Thanks for the hard work on the site guys, nice job. :)
Napster [RUS] 07-09-09 19:39
Please update my stats, thans.
Razvedka 07-09-11 00:18
gj tnx
RW.Ares 07-09-11 00:20
Tnx for great stat
Scarl3t_29 07-09-11 14:34
update my stats plss
darkvador77200 07-09-11 18:05
Update My stats Plss
skyk1979 07-09-12 02:15
Update My stats Plss
1ApRiL 07-09-12 06:30
Please stop to spam here, that you want an update.
Our completly automatic system will update you if you do it right.
All you write here has no influence at the update processes.
Antihero1176 07-09-14 12:06
this is blows, i dont get updates. It makes no sense. thumbs down.
Mostizinh0 07-09-16 13:29
Update my stats pls
colonellingus6 07-09-16 16:03
site NOT user friendly.
qixizheng 07-09-17 13:59
Update my stats PLZ THX
RW.Ares 07-09-17 16:41
tnx gj
godvx11270 07-09-23 06:46
Update my stats pls
astromic 07-09-23 21:26
im a Gunner silver and it says recruit for my rank update plz
APOLLOFRENZY 07-09-25 23:21
I am very pleased with the layout
Goten3 07-09-28 18:47
It wont update =(
MentalAdja 07-09-28 23:36
i am brig genalral and my rank is way down on the stats on this syt pleez update my player
RW.Ares 07-10-01 22:49
tnx for ur job
havoc.ghost 07-10-03 05:35
This is sooo AWESOME!
drugdealer1 07-10-05 19:20
stfu , just wait
=GiFr= Utopy 07-10-10 00:57
need update plz :)
Mario24 07-10-16 02:15
WTF Lieutenant General and Supreme Commander "0x earned"
Mostizinh0 07-10-17 00:09
MrMental 07-10-21 05:07
Dont seem to be refreshing here and been playing all day :/
=GiFr= Utopy 07-10-22 02:30
hello, need u^pdate plz. thx
MadRush20BSG 07-10-25 02:29
udate mine plz. thx
TIEROD0 07-10-25 18:52
o0wolfbob0o 07-10-30 10:50
Thanks for all of your hard work!
Rhieth 07-11-04 05:42
Great Site Team! My player name was found within seconds and updated perfectly.
TXLunatic 07-11-05 21:57
My stats are months old...So a few days is nothing to worry about. Mine haven't updated since Aug/September..HAHAHA....I have gained almost 2 ranks since that time..HAHAHA
ck-claw 07-11-11 18:26
Works fine for me!
areB 07-11-13 16:41
Works fine for me!
areB 07-11-13 16:54
can updata @@?
justice2 07-11-13 18:07
your stats board put a soldier thaqts not mine on my stats. garfield is not mine only justice2 at this time for this game thanx
Adnox 07-11-24 21:10
Is it not working right now? Whats up?
Rogue4-40-J 07-11-24 22:36
Suddenly there is no button. What happened ?
Rogue4-40-J 07-11-25 22:54
It is OK again. THX.
07-11-30 21:08
wham0077 07-12-01 15:42
fenerli-55 07-12-12 14:16
thx your are the best of the wold
adidaswingg4 07-12-14 08:29
scopte 07-12-19 17:35
DuckHunterMatt 08-01-05 15:13
Where has my Add button gone ???!?!?!?!?!?
Douga 08-01-22 19:07
khain888 08-01-25 10:49
where are my awards ???
DragonBallZxGT 08-01-26 20:21
Works fine for me!
Dary_SLO 08-01-27 12:04
please update me please!!!
Dary_SLO 08-01-27 14:12
please update me please!!!
oot3000 08-01-31 21:18
pls update
tylerp. 08-02-01 13:15
mine seems to be stuck at 74/1499
Carnage_92 08-02-01 13:41
and mine is stuck 247/1564
Goten3 08-02-01 16:53
and mine is stuck at 866/2149
tylerp. 08-02-03 22:18
it fixed
geimer121RUS 08-02-09 17:29
It's WORK!!!Tou are best)
Goten3 08-02-15 14:56
mine seems to be stuck at 1890/4695
Sniped7 08-02-15 23:31
My fast update button no longer appears for either or my soldiers, is there a reason for this?
MartiniBaby 08-02-16 13:53
Bleh possition 281. Takes damn long, are u guys doing this manualy. Maybe u should get linked to the official BF2142 statsprofiles from EA.
Sniped7 08-02-16 17:14
I think they are doing it manually now, its taking way way too long. Im at 1,300 something, and yesterday I was at 1,800 something.
1ApRiL 08-02-16 17:22
We had some problem with one of our update Servers.
But now the server is fast again and updates all players in the queue so that the queue should reach position zero in about 12 hours.
Sniped7 08-02-22 19:15
Is it down again? I have been at number 12 for a fast update since around 6pm or 7pm EST time yesterday.
darthcid 08-02-26 16:27
you should all stop complaining and have a little patience me thinks
Cheater471/TannerG 08-03-01 00:11
how do my ranks go up when u go to the game-info under ranks i wanna see where im at how do i do that???
korlik 08-03-15 22:43

Update + stats
oot3000 08-03-16 04:11
Pls Update

crimeolyr9 08-03-21 03:43
u guys rock love the sigs and editor learned to make one in a day, where can i get more info on stats i can use?

karlldann1 08-04-02 03:41
My stats dont update can you help me?
AlohaSaqua 08-04-02 19:50
Great work... 08-04-08 00:55
donizete 08-04-10 04:17
nozumu 08-04-12 19:51
Eric14 08-04-13 12:53
Yea!!!!!!! it works

Warman4K 08-04-20 23:34
Yeah MY stats still wont update. here is a alternate site to my stats
Im not a Lance Corporal, Im a Captain
eldinien 08-04-22 12:23
En fait se site est nul jamais updated contrairement a d'autre site, par contre la pub ca marche?????
donizete 08-04-30 06:32
kutuk000 08-05-04 16:31
My stats dont update can you help me?
xy108520 08-05-04 17:02
My stats dont update can you help me?
7echnoid 08-05-05 22:38
Same here, no updating of the stats for a few days now. Dunno what's wrong :(
gerry_hk 08-05-16 05:44
please update
Monstro777 08-05-25 11:45
Good work !!!
Omi2142 08-05-26 04:40
royvonlh 08-05-28 17:27
I can't get my status picture correctly~~
hrtclint 08-05-29 13:24
all these whingers!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a free service provided. My stats are updated once a day and i am extremely pleased at that. I think a lot of the ppl bitching about their stats not being updated need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!
hrtclint 08-05-29 17:18
all these whingers!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a free service provided. My stats are updated once a day and i am extremely pleased at that. I think a lot of the ppl bitching about their stats not being updated need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!
n1ght 08-06-05 23:23
Update my stats pls
rhino0070 08-06-07 15:37
i need my stats updated can u update my plz
CZTF21 08-06-08 07:19
Update my stats pls
Xx_Tribal_xX 08-06-10 00:22
Update my stats PLEASE!!!!
rhino0070 08-06-11 20:56
update my starts plz thanks

rhino0070 08-06-14 11:35
can u update my starts ever day plz
rhino0070 08-06-18 17:00
can u update my stats updated ever day can u do it for me plz
rhino0070 08-06-22 12:40
are u ever going to do it

ahmedahmedd 08-06-23 08:16
go go go all hoping for ur help to be updated daily <3333333 :D
chaostic 08-06-23 19:19
heh, the updating servers need to be updated with more cpu/ram
Garynho 08-06-29 14:08
the must !
penguins227 08-06-30 16:10
thank you that really speeds things up when i want to know my stats :D
woodstock84 08-07-08 20:52
Update please!
Gerald[RUS] 08-07-09 12:02
Update please ^^
F3Rbenjamin 08-07-11 21:53
update please!!!!!!
dam my stats are like 2 months old:S
frigging confusen & shit..
Mostizinh0 08-07-14 05:45
add ai plx
recoil71 08-07-17 15:20
stats are slow at updating like a day out all the time
koobz2142 08-07-23 03:46
there is no add button!
F3Rbenjamin 08-07-27 19:24
you noob login go to soldiers and then click the fast update button _____noobs
Rikko 08-07-28 21:22
Well Said!!!
penguins227 08-08-04 02:44
what benjamin said ^^ :D
supercannon 08-08-13 10:46
hard0man 08-08-22 17:56
dimon0631 08-08-23 18:26
Update please ^^
dimon0631 08-08-24 19:07
Update please ^^
lukax94 08-08-25 12:35
lukax94 08-08-26 08:30
Update please
lukax94 08-08-29 14:40
update please
lukax94 08-08-29 20:13
update please
Badknox 08-08-31 15:46
dimon0631 08-09-01 18:28
Update please ^^
Dt72man 08-09-01 19:52
Any idea on when there will be updates? It has taken 8 hours to move up 50 places in the queue.
dimon0631 08-09-02 08:57
Update please ^^
Hearthing 08-09-02 21:18
Been in the queue for almost a day now :S whats with the delay? <3
dimon0631 08-09-03 10:35
Update please ^^
stevenlharris0 08-09-03 14:12
I think they love to leave us hanging. THEY ARE NOT UPDATING THE STATS!!!!!!!!! 48 hours in the queue for me and still no updates. For you morons that keep saying click the fast update button WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dimon0631 08-09-03 19:22
Update please ^^
JCBucholdz 08-09-04 01:26
Update my stats pls
hellrider1143 08-09-04 01:54
anyone are having problems with awards updates? i've won for the second time the engenier golden badge and still not having it
G3nocid 08-09-04 02:16
hellrider1143, i have the same problem :(
hellrider1143 08-09-04 02:27
man i hate play with the engenier, and appears that the game is making me suffer with the kit lol
yoyo169 08-09-04 12:18
Fast update isnt working anymore...whats going on?
Been waiting for week now for update and Im still 1347 in the Q!!
lukax94 08-09-04 21:25
update please
stevenlharris0 08-09-05 04:31
Get a devoted following, and then, yes, you guessed it, LEAVE US HANGING!!!!!!
lukax94 08-09-05 19:06
the update is very low
dimon0631 08-09-06 18:35
Update please ^^
stevenlharris0 08-09-07 14:32
update PLEASE!! Still Waiting!!
covetking 08-09-07 16:46
hasnt worked for last 6 days covetking is my nic and today is 7th sept 2008
dimon0631 08-09-07 17:17
Update please
Jaymondo 08-09-07 17:55
Updates havent worked for a couple of days now
jsm67 08-09-08 13:43
Still don't work
Jaymondo 08-09-08 22:55
Still not working
lukax94 08-09-08 23:14
update please !!! c'mon !!!
Damage Inc. 08-09-09 02:58
Yeah, mine also don't update as many many many people's pages in here. XD

But for me personally, I have the feeling it's on EA's side, cause those don't update too.
And maybe it's because I haven't been active for months because the last patch ruined my game for months.
Damage Inc. 08-09-11 22:01
It updated now, but not completely yet.
Even EA's statistics-page is ahead of this one.
They keep going ahead of each other. XD
rois 08-09-12 00:07
i need update please
Damage Inc. 08-09-12 00:15
OK, what the heck now? XD
It updated again, but it shows I'm like 3 ranks higher than I actually am now.
Also, still not everything is showing, like some medals badges and pins I'm sure of I had.
I might even have some screenshots of the moments.
lukax94 08-09-16 18:08
update please
fima1fim 08-09-17 13:52
how to update!? my stats are really old!
raptor16 08-09-18 14:58
lukax94 08-09-29 15:43
update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
BFkiller512 08-10-02 03:56
It' really work
Li5 08-10-03 10:51
Update please
Blizzard1980 08-10-04 12:39
update please
lukax94 08-10-13 16:35
update please
areB 08-10-15 23:27
update please
lukax94 08-10-26 13:22
Update Please
Elit-Guard 08-11-07 01:23
update please
Wizard 08-11-10 20:29
Update please !!!
Wizard 08-11-22 19:52
update again please !
Niksi-ismo 08-11-25 14:10
update please
Niksi-ismo 08-11-25 22:03
again please
DJTitan1980 08-11-27 07:23
update please!
wsmarcel 08-11-27 19:29
Its not working anymore?
AS2000 08-11-28 00:39
update please
kdotman 08-11-29 19:15
update please
Truus_de_mier 08-12-03 19:17
Why is Teracon not updated any more??
wsmarcel 08-12-05 03:31
dont update plz
ExElite 08-12-05 12:46
My Stats are 70000/0 . The 0 has been there for weeks, I dont get any more unlocks ?
RenegadeCA 08-12-07 01:52
Update My S**t 8-)
jeansl 08-12-07 16:12
not working i go up about 2 places by day
yesterday i was at 1935 now i at 1932
RenegadeCA 08-12-11 04:33
Dresch-O+ 08-12-24 14:13
My stats are nt update!! thanks
Dresch-O+ 08-12-26 00:50
Update my stats pls!!!!!!!!!
GAI2696 09-01-06 11:32
Update my stats pls!!thanks
yunsudong 09-01-08 04:52
Dresch-O+ 09-01-09 14:34
Update my stats pls!!!!!!!!!
KaniHuervano 09-01-10 10:48
good job
Dresch-O+ 09-01-16 10:43
Sera que os senhores poderiam por favor atualizar as estatisticas dos meus soldados, obrigado!!!
jonyany 09-01-19 03:37
Dresch-O+ 09-01-20 14:41
levoo 09-01-27 09:12
also my stats waiting update...????
hustler2142 09-01-29 18:25
update me plz thx
dimon0631 09-02-02 12:23
Update please ^^
Smaggasan 09-02-02 23:16
update plz me mister ! yo
dimon0631 09-02-04 18:07
Update please ^^
AS2000 09-02-04 20:02
Update please ^^
Onidrocs 09-02-04 21:45
update please ^^
Merilious 09-02-05 21:29
update please
METOSTAZ 09-02-06 02:37
DonVito75 09-02-06 21:32
update please
Badknox 09-02-07 15:29
update plz
AS2000 09-02-10 10:59
update please
AS2000 09-02-10 11:48
update please
AS2000 09-02-10 16:04
update please
KozaPL2142 09-02-11 07:21
Please Update - everything stopped !!!!
vldave 09-02-18 18:10
please update
pietjeekes 09-02-19 10:21
nice it works great
NeGod 09-03-14 15:17
update please !!!!
PapaTango69 09-03-28 06:29
whats with the update position? first its getting smaller now getting larger why did i lose my position i havent played for 24hrs....come on!
oggle 09-03-29 17:53
I want to use my own image for stats how can i upload an image for this
Benedito 09-04-08 04:34
update please !!!
tank you
Toxins 09-04-13 22:36
As stated hundreds of times above, my stats for the player Toxins are not being updated. u know I love this site for putting up such detailed stats, but if its not gonna update it aint worth it. PLease somebody get on this
Toxins 09-04-14 21:31
im sorry, this works fine!! ITS GREAT!
kevinbrr 09-05-02 08:06
winamp 09-05-14 14:35
Anybody does not have problems with statistics in game?
IRONxMAIDEN 09-05-17 07:27

Tricksy-Hobbit 09-05-28 19:17
ive kept clicking update butting says im 1028/36565 next day no refresh been stuck like that for 3 weeks
JaZzAJaZzA 09-06-02 10:01
Mines the same as everyone else's....... Not updating????
AS2000 09-06-04 11:09
Please update my statistic player AS-66. Absence "Add" button.
Bunia=PL= 09-06-05 14:29
Hi, hi
Please update my stats.
snipersdad 09-06-06 00:56
hi there can updat my stats it l0ng time last 0ne if y0u can thanky0u =snipersdad=
rnrnrn09 09-06-10 05:12
foot52swk 09-06-14 23:32
very nice site much better than the ea one
dRON 09-06-26 07:03
Hi,very nice site,Please update my statistic
Andrey 09-06-26 08:43
Please update my statistic
Artdog 09-06-27 09:06
Update my stats pls
Artdog 09-06-29 21:30
Update my statistic plz
dRON 09-07-01 13:24
Please update my statistic
dRON 09-07-06 14:50
Update my statistic plz
Kostia83 09-07-11 10:50
Please update my statistic player Kostia83
Artdog 09-07-11 17:53
Update my statistic plz
wfphxxx2142 09-07-13 00:39
Update please!!
jjxxx2 09-07-13 00:41
Update please!!
marshallo 09-07-13 15:33
Update please
powerpof 09-07-20 03:34
update plz
Artdog 09-07-21 20:59
Update my statistic plz
JFricky 09-07-24 07:12
Please update my stats.
Lazania3000 09-07-26 22:26
I tried to add my soldier in my control panel, but it says username not found.
NeGods 09-07-29 20:18
Update please
Szpregel1 09-08-01 20:36
I hope U ll update me soon :)
-RUS- 09-08-05 14:04
Please update my statistic
powerpof 09-08-11 00:43
update plz!!!!
NeGods 09-08-13 19:58
Update please
powerpof 09-09-27 01:00
plz update my stats
AnKai 09-09-27 02:40
plz update my stats
Sedoi70 09-09-27 12:17
Please update my statistic
tango89 09-10-27 13:18
Please update my stats, they not been done since June ;(
edith_rule 09-11-05 19:21
how do you set up the graphics whit your stats ?
comandermr 09-11-07 13:41
please update my stats
Zadirak 09-11-10 16:56
jackson1431 09-11-18 11:23
update plz
pottersbrother 09-11-22 15:07
Please update my rank and stats
COTONETE 09-11-24 03:09
Please update my rank and stats
Zune120 09-11-25 07:48
Update my ranks and stats please - Zune120
Zune120 09-11-25 22:04
Update - CrYYBaBy please
SANYJRUS 09-12-05 13:35
SANYJRUS-Update my ranks and stats please
justin8chat 09-12-16 12:13
err tis account izit online for playin battle field 2142 ??
RussianBender 09-12-25 11:15
Update my ranks and stats please
MAECTPO76 10-01-08 00:36
Update my ranks and stats please
destroyer3366 10-02-13 03:43
I am Destroyer3366 prefix =JoD= and it keeps saying username not found and i can't add him can someone help
Pyle~PL 10-02-25 20:27
update my ranks and stats pls. Pyle~PL thx
Djony25 10-04-03 22:16
update my ranks and stats pls.Djony25
DJTitan1980 10-05-04 11:33
update my ranks and stats pls.
clon22 10-05-21 14:27
update my ranks and stats please. clon22
HappyKiller911 10-05-23 12:54
ScreaMz* 10-05-25 14:19
Update my stats plz. ScreaMz*
MAECTPO76 10-06-20 00:27
Update my awards please
doubletake33gs 10-08-13 15:06
need a stats update please! thx
Niulu 10-08-20 20:22
Not able to find the "add" to queue botton any more. please update my stats please. thx
Sidewinder0czech 10-08-21 13:27
pls update my stast, thx :)
AGENTIK 10-08-21 21:00
pls update my stast
teonirei 10-08-22 01:46
add button not here anymore
what can i do to update my stats?
teonirei 10-08-22 20:35
can you plz update my stats? thx
Niulu 10-08-22 21:55
Nice Job... The queue is back up!. Keep the incredible job up!. Thanks from us all!!!...
Sidewinder0czech 10-08-23 00:00
thhhhhx, nice job :)
danbartos 10-08-29 18:34
mine wont refresh! !!!!!!!!!! pls update ... name danbartos(cz)
danbartos 10-08-30 11:40
pls update me pls pls name : danbartos(cz)
Stahlsturm110 10-09-25 21:59
pls update me pls name : Stahlsturm110
Stahlsturm110 10-10-23 16:54
pls update my frend pls name: Feuersturm111 THX
xsoap 10-11-26 05:42
More Gold yer.....
B.L.A.C.K.I.E. 10-12-29 18:59
super .. thank
cj_andrew 11-01-16 01:22
[U][I][B]can you plz update my stats? thx
Shkolnuy 11-01-24 19:35
pls update me pls pls name : Shkolnuy
strogg59 11-02-27 04:17
Hiht urbate stats!
wakkawaka 12-05-20 21:47
Why can't I be updated?
ackawa 12-06-15 21:04
EA don't support updates since... 1 year!?!?
Iurii 12-10-17 10:30
cum sa ma inregestrez
emons 13-03-21 08:48
They work for me at least.
SoldierDatIsDa 15-04-21 00:30
When I Search Player I can't Find Add Button @_@