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200 BF2142 Stats Updates per day

We can update over 40000 querys of BF2142 stats a day.
We are only able to update those soldiers who are registered on our site.

Do you want to participate? Then join us now!

- Register yourself on our webiste (Please remember the authentication email which will be sent to the email address provided within the registration process)

- Login to
- Click on 'User Control Panel' -> 'Soldier'
- Please Add you Soldiers name in the little input field (text field)

You can also use the following tutorial

Your soldier will now be added to our update queue and will be updated regularly.

You now have two ways to find out about your position in our queue.

1. Go to 'User Control Panel' -> 'Soldier' - The number shown in the standard column, is your queue number.
2. Go to your stats page and look at the category 'Other Data'.

If you only see a number instead of your name, it means that we have no record of your soldiers data yet and can only show your PID (player id). As soon as the update system pulled all the data from our source, the PID will be swaped with your soldiers name.

Please note that if you have more than one soldier added to your profile, we are only able to update the soldier which is set as standard.

Written on 07-01-12 13:27 from HigH_HawK Rating count: 151 | Rating: 7.87 | Rating


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mellon.xx 07-01-15 06:42
SunTzu 07-01-15 14:01
Hoping tomorrow is my day, as I added on Friday, and still no update.

Beggars can't be choosers though. :)
SilverSurfer79 07-01-15 15:27
AndersBRD 07-01-16 13:31
:-( Signed in, in hope of having my stats updated.. But no! :(
SilverSurfer79 07-01-16 15:51
Deathlok 07-01-16 18:26
thanks, mine havent updated in a long time, but im patient
DirkBelig 07-01-17 10:42
Thank you. I love the detail of this sites data and have been upset since EA shut off the feeds and then refused to say what's happening with this.
Mobyforce1 07-01-17 14:13
it appears it might take longer then a day.........I will patiently wait with great anticipation :):):)
Firestorm962 07-01-17 23:19
Sounds good, just hoping that my main character "Firestorm962" will only appear once on the manage list and not twice as it does now.
DirkBelig 07-01-18 10:24
My stats updated yesterday. Thanks again. :)
Firestorm962 07-01-18 18:43
Something is still wrong with this site. i am a register user here and I only have one BF2142 character called Firestorm962 and my rank is Commissar Gold. Yet everytime I have this site check my stats it shows two Firestorm962 with the same ID numbers. My old rank Sergeant Gold and my new rank Commissar Gold. Yet if I try to select the one with my new rank it will only give me the stats of my old one.

Please can someone tell me how I can fix this or can the admin of this check into it.
Mobyforce1 07-01-19 16:12
how long did it take for the rest of you...I am on day 4 now with no update...I was jsut wandering if that is about right.....
Elwo 07-01-20 12:52
around 1000 registed members divided by 200 updates a day makes 5 days.....
1ApRiL 07-01-20 13:21
We have now around 2100 registred BF2142 player who wait for an update.
Echo Three 07-01-20 13:56
I have been waiting since the beggining, oh but my stats did change, back to when i had only been playing for about 2 hours or something!
JedleCZ 07-01-20 15:45
April, how do you chose who's statistics to update? I am registered user for more than 2 months but I haven't registered my soldier. So I did it yesterday. My friend registered his user account and soldier about 3 hours later. This morning we found out that my friend's statistics are up-to-date and mine are still out-of-date. Do you prefer to update new registered user instead of old ones? Why is that?
1ApRiL 07-01-20 15:59
I don't choose who's stats will be updated.
There is a little Script which choose random players from our database. The whole thing is random.
Mobyforce1 07-01-20 17:56
ok, i will just wait it out...thank you
HigH^HawK 07-01-20 18:51
The Script will chose 200 people a day, the conditions are the following:
The players stats haven't been updated since 7 days.
The player is a registered User on this Community.

If the player in the list fulfil these conditions their stats will be updated, so your stats should update once a week.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-21 09:38
so u meen we can look at anybodys stats now ?
JedleCZ 07-01-21 12:02
I thought so. My friend was more lucky than me :-). Thanks for confirmation. I hope my stats will update soon.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-21 22:24
y is it only 200 y cant it be all of them :~>?and btw i want my stats :D :lol:
mellon.xx 07-01-22 01:38
Thanks again, you guys do a great job!!!
Borik 07-01-22 23:59
If the player in the list fulfill these conditions their stats will be updated, so your stats should update once a week."

Ummm is that true??? u assuming that u have less then 1400(200*7) users???
1ApRiL 07-01-23 06:44
We have now about 2700 users with registred soldier. And over 13.200 registred users overall.
mrjaydee 07-01-23 12:23
I registered with this site but I didn't get any acitvation email, what do I do? Yes I double-checked the email-address. ;-)
mossiah 07-01-23 15:21
I also did not recive an activation email when i registered with this site, however the account seems to be working ok, apart from it's not updated my stats since I joined about 7 days ago.
mrjaydee 07-01-23 15:30
I tried to change my email-address thus deactivating my account until it was reactivated using the mail sent to the new address, that seem to be a valid workaround.
JedleCZ 07-01-23 17:19
We have now about 2700 users with registred soldier. And over 13.200 registred users overall.
. So your stats will update each 14 days :-(. Well, better then never :-).
Borik 07-01-23 18:01
You are absolutely right, it better then never. And this site is great for checking progress...
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-23 18:48
Mobyforce1 07-01-23 19:06
i noticed today that my soldier i registered under the control panle last week was missing......I re-registered him just now.....Do i have to wait another week or so or does it still know I was registered.....last week?
xavier69 07-01-24 09:49
Registered "years" ago ;) but still no update, when there's only 900 registered people!? Just hope some day, it does work!
fluid 07-01-24 11:08
how true is this then cos my stats still have not been updated there still showing that i last played on the 06-11-06.its now 24-01-07. so if a admin see this update my stats please cos there knocking on 3 months old.
Buttmonk3y 07-01-24 15:49
WOO HOO! Thanks
domezis 07-01-24 16:20
same for me...
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-24 19:03

Mobyforce1 07-01-24 19:28
damn dude.......that is do know you can see them here ""

I am lookig forward to them here too ,mainly for my sig, but damn, I can also see the stats on 2142tracker.....It isn't like you payed for Hawk to make this page for you......basically RELAX!
Jock 07-01-25 09:22
Signed up a few days ago but still no update, yet a mate signed and was updated in an hour :S
DadDirk 07-01-25 09:50
at which date i can see my actual stats ? the last stats are very old
Jock 07-01-25 10:15
u need to register and name a soldier
Brahma 07-01-25 16:07
4 0R 5 days since registration and no update :(
wilks007 07-01-25 18:11
Why cant it go back to like the bf2 site was. that worked.
pacinolife 07-01-25 18:16
Can't wait for my stats to get updated! You guys are stat heroes because EA stat site freaking blows big time.
Jeroen 07-01-25 18:32
Good job! :-)
vREDina 07-01-26 09:38
My stats was not updated... :(
Rustyleo 07-01-26 10:07
Stats not updating
mossiah 07-01-26 14:25
over two weeks registered and still no stats update !!! Not that i am knocking your work.
fluid 07-01-26 18:24
xen84 07-01-26 20:26
EA is a bunch of stingy bastards who don't care about their playerbase beyond their ability to hemhorrage money to pay EA. This is only further evidenced by the fact that they're already working on a 2142 expansion when they can't even be bothered to properly fix the game itself, or allow a stat feed that's even close to acceptable (and this surely isnt) for players of the game.

Damnit, EA. You've lost another customer. I'm so disgusted with you that I'll likely never buy another one of your games.

Also, I know this site isn't run by EA, and I'm not blaming this site. Just venting my disgust at EA.
Elwo 07-01-27 01:48
People take it easy.......If you really want to know your stats right now start the game and go to the stats page, it's all there and updated. The only reason you may need this site is to compare stats with others.
It's not this site you need to blame for the long waiting......and something tells me we all know who should be blamed.
Snowman-NL 07-01-27 13:45
i hope to
vonGrepa 07-01-28 01:53
How come all you people are so angry here? Blame EA or Gamespy... dont be abusive and act like an asshole against the people who use their own free time to put up and run this website.. Call your local EA office and nag on them instead...

Thx to 1ApRiL, HigH^HawK and all the other people who tries to get this page up and running. Keep up the good work and may EA and the stats God be with you...
FangCalico 07-01-28 03:25
*sigh* My stats still aren't even on the damn site.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-28 10:07
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-28 12:12
kalkalash 07-01-28 12:25 are a dick! STFU! Signing up at this site didn't cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time. It is people like you that make free sites like this go by the wayside because of too much bullshit. If you are not happy with the services provided here, go back to EA's site and use their stat system. BTW...You may even want to consider going and doing your homework instead of worrying about your stats. Kids should stay in school.
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-28 16:15
well i cant really complain i only registerd like yesterday so i guess im gunna have to wait awhile... :-| they are not even up yet let alone bin updated :-) so lets just wait and see.
ghost-belgium 07-01-29 14:38
Hoping tomorrow is my day, 24-01, and still no update.
ghost-belgium 07-01-29 16:18
Hoping tomorrow is my day, 24-01, and still no update.
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-29 17:27
i just get a message saying blocked3 then this thread link underneath it. oh well one can only wait i supose.
Mobyforce1 07-01-29 19:13
I jsut found out that I have two PID asociated with my Player....something happened on 11-20-2006. The Player I find here when searching has that PID (81173500), but my stats are now being tracked under the same playername but PID (76430283). A buddy of mine found this on tracker while looking for me....Maybe some of you others who are going on and on and beign pissed are having the same trouble...

Does anyone know how i can change my registered PID. doing a search does not seem to work....
Snowman-NL 07-01-29 19:52
yes update topie
MemphisRaines[TNT] 07-01-29 22:41
My stats were updated this morning. When viewing them, I noticed a little valuable piece of info in the 'other data' section next to the 'rank progress' section. It shows when my stats were updated. Below that, it shows my queue position for the next stats update. If i take that number and divide by the (200 updates per day), I can pretty much figure out the week when my stats are due for the next update. The day in that week will probably be at random.
NuF 07-01-30 12:08
Still waiting =) 07-01-30 13:09
still waiting for mine, about 2 months out of date.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-30 16:55
kalkalash ur a n00b and so are the makers of this sever why bother waiting go to EA and im never gonna use this wlink and use EA so ....
so long makers of site (loosers) and others (not saying ur lossers exspet kalkalash)
wilks007 07-01-30 17:29
Its strange i added myself 4 days ago and already gt ma update. strange but good =)
wilks007 07-01-30 17:40
Is therea forum on this site????
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-30 18:39
my stsats still arnt up, 4 days and still nothing, never mind, thats only like 800 peoples stats that have bin updated, but is it normal that if you havnt got stats up yet that it just says blocked3??? just wondering.
IveGotThePawa 07-01-30 20:15
God this Sucks
Airwolf_BD_ 07-01-31 14:08
when will i be added

Regards Airwolf_BD_
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-31 14:17
im still not on the database.
vREDina 07-01-31 15:59
Cool, my stats - updated :)
wraith0803 07-01-31 16:16
yey my stats have been updated thanks for that:)
Ssarrow 07-01-31 18:02
Why is this website so f***king slow?
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-31 19:58
well if there are over 30000 registered members then it will take around 8 months for everyones to be updated... now hat i am afraid just sucks big time, im sure there is a reason why there are only 200 updated a day. wonder what it is gunna be like when Northern strike comes out? (yes i cant wait :P)
Lupes? 07-01-31 20:09
everyone who's stats aren't updated are angry
but if their stats are updated, they are full of joy

so, what i'm asking
plz make m happy :D
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-31 20:13
ok guys ill all give u a link if ur all fed up with the sever
look on the left and it will say LOGIN type ur 2142 name and password and click the soldger u want and then u can see ur stats
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-01-31 20:23
Destroyer0zzZ 07-01-31 23:38
hehehe Lupes :-) what a reply, and gen, yeah mate i know tha link but it gives you limited info and i would particulary like a stats signature...
Alexeik@Ru 07-02-01 01:40
2 weeks later no update ?!!!?
Rustyleo 07-02-01 08:41
How come yesterday I was 153 in line and now today its 3963 and still no update
T.J. 07-02-01 11:39
lol .. 2 weeks ago i hadnt any update .. kk i hope the next week is my week!
Snowman-NL 07-02-02 09:18
no 2 days and update yes topie
BrotherWill 07-02-02 11:52
Yep, I registered 2 days ago and my stats still say my scores from November. I liked your guys sig so I went through all the trouble to register only to find out its completely pointless. Random updating 200 a day? You've got to be joking. That means some people may NEVER be updated because of the randomness. Im going back to my old sig, even though its not as pretty, I can update it EVERY FREAKING DAY. Why cant you?
1ApRiL 07-02-02 12:00
We have no random system anymore. I developed a queue for the updates. You can see your position there: 'Control Panel -> Soldiers'
My translator HigH_HawK will translate the german news in next time into english for this article.
Destroyer0zzZ 07-02-02 15:11
wow cool, but im still not on the database :-(
Lupes? 07-02-02 23:15
just found out smething

in 'control panel'
in the option 'soldiers'
you have a thing called 'standard'
and benieth it you see a number
i've wondered what it was, first my soldier's numer was 4279 or something
and now it's 3624
so i think that's the number of you int the 'update line'

3623 to go, and then my stats are updated :P
smokeysezz 07-02-03 15:03
i am waiting 4 days for my stats when they will come????
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-02-03 23:36
my stats updated so ill use EA and this
M4tumb0 07-02-04 05:26
I'm stil waiting after over 10 days to have my stats for my signiture :(
Destroyer0zzZ 07-02-04 08:34
mine are up and updated, thanks.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-02-04 11:11
my stats are my old 1s cos im 1st lie silver and it says im 2nd lie silver ? and its wierd
kirscp 07-02-04 11:34
3623 to go, and then my stats are updated :P

If that's true I'll have to wait 26 days....I'm sitting at 5205.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-02-04 15:54

Lupes? 07-02-04 18:15
as i said
in your control panel -> soldiers -> standard
there you see a number, which is your number in the list
currently, mine is 2858
makks2000 07-02-05 02:19
my data still never update....
SimpleGreen21 07-02-05 05:42
yeah, if they only update 200 everyday, that means you have a 0.06% chance of having it updated each day. Ridiculous.
F.Graham 07-02-05 11:28
I am waiting from days but my stats it is always "ErrorCode: blocked3" why???? uff!!!
nolloping 07-02-05 12:55
yess, got mine today,
tks, Nolloping
ninjamonkey 07-02-05 13:45
I see loads of people biatching about ohhh my stats have not been updated!!! ohhh I am 3460 in line.

This is a free service so stop moaning and live with it!

Just my two cents worth!
DragonNTheRose 07-02-05 18:06
Well, I hope I get entered soon. I signed up about a month ago and still haven't been added. Maybe some day they will get more than 200 people done a day since they have over 80,000 members and about 10,000 playing at once!
johnolg 07-02-06 01:11
Thanks very much guys for the great service
SINNAxis 07-02-06 15:18
HigH_HawK 07-02-07 09:55
I know it is not pretty to wait for an stats update, however please bear in mind that it is not to our responsibility, EA / IGN / DICE agreed and are happy with us doing 200 stats a day, this is at least better than nothing, untill we have further confirmation on retreiving stats we have to continue as it is. For those people complaining, is there money or something else involved in your stats ?
Destroyer0zzZ 07-02-07 19:26
Haha nice one Hawk! :P mine will be updated in 14 days, im not botherd because at least i know, so instead of moaning, go to your soldiers page and next to your name there will be a number, round it too the nearest 100 (eg mine is 2839, so round that too 2800) then divide that by 200 and you will get a number, and that number is the amount of days you have until your next stats update, clever eh?
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-02-07 22:08
not really einstein could of done that in seconds lol
Borik 07-02-07 22:54
maybe it time to ask them to increase it to 400 a night??? and do it in small batch trough out the night??? just a thought :)
Sean5861 07-02-07 23:00
MY QUE NUMBER HAS GONE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean5861 07-02-07 23:25
and now its gone up another 2000!

ps sig generator:
Sean5861 07-02-07 23:31
actually this one is the best sig gen.
Borik 07-02-07 23:38
maybe it time to ask them to increase it to 400 a night??? and do it in small batch trough out the night??? just a thought :)
SimpleGreen21 07-02-08 04:17
where do you see your position in the update line?
HigH_HawK 07-02-08 13:40
This is not my decision to make, I will await further information from 1ApRiL.

Please go to your Control Panel -> Soldiers; look at the Standard Column, there is a little "radio field" and beside this there is a number, this number states your position in the Queue.

I am the 2634 in the Queue, am I bothered ?
No! Not really, for heaven's sake it is a game dudes, we do our best to provide you with your stats and you are just complaining.
I would call this is a very ungreatful behaviour.
Sean5861 07-02-08 15:16
yes but if it keeps going up more than going down is it every going to reach 0?
do the maths
HigH_HawK 07-02-08 19:24
Well, if it goes up that means that your stats had been updated before and you joined the Queue again to wait for an update.

I have done my maths do not worry.
ksquires 07-02-08 21:33
haha, exactly - it's a freakin game. if you want faster stats, start your own stats server and STFU.

if you were paying to see your stats, yeah - bitch away.

i suggest any stats complainer be dumped to the end of the stats line

if BF2142 stats are such an important aspect of your life, i suggest

1) moving out of your parent's basement and get a job - that will occupy your time while stats gets updated

or 2) do your homework do you don't have repeat 6th grade. nobody can be THAT impressed by bf2142 stats

SimpleGreen21 07-02-09 05:12
OK, I'm sorry if I sounded derogatory, but I was simply asking a question. My earlier comment was not intended to offend this site, and no, I am not ungrateful for this site. I think the sarcasm, such as ksquires is more annoying than all the bitching. Therefore, I propose (since he made a lame proposal, so will I) that sarcastic fags be eliminated entirely. I mean, what makes him feel like he is better than all the people making suggestions or asking questions that can be interprited as rude (I'm not saying that there are not rude comments here, just that a majority of them are being taking as offensive, when they are truely not intended to be). I think most of this "bitching" is more like impatient persistence.
HigH_HawK 07-02-09 13:23
I think you misunderstood my post :), I answered your question the sentence underneathe was meant for other people who are always complaing about their stats not being updated, if they would follow the instructions or at least read them carefuly they would understand that it takes quiet a while to get about 5000 (and daily growing) Stats updated.
We are doing our best to provide all of you with the best we can get, our hands are also handcuffed , we are also limited, we have to wait too for our stats, I just do not see any point in complaining the whole time.
SimpleGreen21 07-02-09 15:30
Gotch ya. Agreed.
GeN2gUnLoCk 07-02-09 19:03
ksquries but some ppl cant make their own weblinks cos their dumbasses even EA/DICE/INC made it not high_hwk or who ever made the weblink
HigH_HawK 07-02-09 20:14
I think I do not really understand your last sentence, can you please specify this a bit ?
I do not want to build up an answer to your post and been mistaken again !!!
Alex00723 07-02-10 13:02
wow im ranked 3925. so if i get this correctly, 3925/200 = 19.625. so I would be updated 19 DAYS!!! from now.FFS y must EA be sooo stingy. How long did they take to do the BF2 ones then.
HigH_HawK 07-02-10 19:04
I have now created a little Tutorial which helps people who do not know what to do.

Dr4g0nF1y 07-02-11 15:33
I hope the rate of updating will be fastened any time soon... I'm still on ~500 (currently online around ~1000)
Rustyleo 07-02-11 18:41
How come yesterday I was 173 in line and now today its 5963 and still no update. What gives
that is the second time this has happened .Would be obliged if someone could tell me why this is happening . Thanks

dorsan 07-02-12 09:06
:-( my counter was reset back into the 5k+ mark with no update. Last I saw it was at 500+ and then it when back into the thousands. After 1.5 weeks waiting for the counter to go down it was a bit of a kick in the.....
nolloping 07-02-12 10:37
Yess, got mine updated today. Tks alot. Cpl_Buchket_H
uHkBu3uToP 07-02-13 09:33
What's this - ErrorCode: blocked3 ????
Free_Riki 07-02-14 00:22
ive reg but no update wats up its been over a week !
thatonebigguy 07-02-14 16:23
Yesturday me que was 5148 and today it is 4774. Difference of 374. So, a little less than 2 weeks everything should be great!
clan-killer 07-02-16 00:01
cant wait
dorsan 07-02-20 10:50
HELP - My next update count has rolled over twice now with no update. I've deleted my soldier and re-added so hope that sorts it. My soldier was already on the site before I signed up (Used the site before EA shutdown the access), so would that cause an issue.
nolloping 07-02-20 11:16
HigH_HawK 07-02-21 13:48
No it was not even necessary to re-add your soldier, while updating peoples stats, we are sometimes experiencing some faults or communication problems with the EA servers (most of the times during the weekends), if a Soldier has turned faulty it will chuck him to the End of the Queue. I do appologize for this, but this is a security messure for the script.
We try our best and hope that we do not get that many faulty ones.
Wolverine29 07-02-21 17:39
I just signed up today so of course my stats are not updated yet which I don`t mind, but my stats show that I am a 1st Lieutenant which was back on Nov 18/06. I`m a Brig.G now.
ymajik 07-02-22 09:09
The site is updating regularly, REAL nice. Keep up the good work..
nolloping 07-02-22 15:10
Yeah, Good job, tks.
ekb| St0nY 07-02-24 20:21
Why i Cant see my Stats at this HomePage?
EleVentix 07-02-24 22:56
YEHU! BF2142!!!!!!
PAT92 07-02-26 01:21
Wen is mine gona be updated?
Petres_CZ 07-02-26 14:09
not update statistik Petres_CZ
KW33D 07-02-27 09:59
Well I got updated a few days ago.....Too bad I got Brig Gen last night though :(
Riley Jones 07-02-27 14:29
I registered yesterday and was 7400 (ish) in the Q. Today I am 4600 (ish) in the Q. Patience and some interesting math means that there is a 36.84% chance that I will be update before the end of March. Cool. On the positive side, a sig devoid of info is easier to read...
Riley Jones 07-02-27 15:57
PS I've moved up about 400 in the Q in about 90 minutes
Riley Jones 07-02-27 22:03
Maybe the admins can correct me or clarify but I don't think that "200 stats updated everyday" means only 200 people updated in a day or if that was the case, just shear numbers alone would mathematically not let it ever catch up to itself. I think it means "200 stats" ie 200 different stats per soldier. Ive moved from 4600+ to about 2900 in the Q in just over 6 hours. I'd say the big machine is grinding away at an acceptable pace. (considering it's at no cost to those who registered and joined) Is this correct?
Kptk92 07-02-28 20:34
Hey what gives last time my stats were updated were back on the launch month!!!! I'm now a Brigadier General but it shows here I'm a Sergeant Major Silver?! Please, sort it out as soon as, I've registered my username now!!
Qp_sniper 07-03-01 08:48
wtf i registered ages ago and my stats still havn't been updated wtf guys??????????????????????
SirZloy 07-03-01 09:06
but it shows here I'm a Sergeant Major

HigH_HawK 07-03-01 13:58
Without being rude to you, but if you would have read previous posts you would have seen that it clearly says "We are sometimes experiencing problems/errors with some people's stats while updating" this is not our fault, this is more likely due to connection problems between EA and us.
Please be patient and your stats will be updated.
We do our best to serve each of you.

mafia_boy 07-03-01 15:48
Tnx for the brilliant stat site dude, i registered here ages ago before the game was out but forgot to come back and log in, Derrrr, will be looking forward to my stats update. tnx.
DjonX 07-03-01 18:14
since few month my stats aren't update ! why?
Arsenal06 07-03-02 06:51
yea as the same for me. hopefully theyll get mine in. wonder y it takes so long..
rauber_os 07-03-02 12:06
ok thanks
mafia_boy 07-03-02 12:22
Jesus, everyone is so stressed out over a few game stats not updating! LMFAO, take a pill everyone.....(:0)
Riley Jones 07-03-02 17:20
I only registered a few days ago and have now updated twice. Works great - nice job guys.
Destroyer0zzZ 07-03-03 00:48
For goodness bloody sake u bunch of moaning buggers, if youre that botherd about stats, go look on the EA site that stores the lot of em, and if ur after a stats sig then why dont u be more active in the community part of this site? u never bloody know, ur stats might get updated, mine get updated round about twice a week.
lonelybig 07-03-03 10:57
update all plz. Thanks
Surfi 07-03-03 11:16
And how many time have I to wait for the updating of my signature? Have I to do something for it? Thanx
mafia_boy 07-03-03 11:44
Yup my stats have been updated no probs guys, only put my name up 3 days ago too! respect (thumbs up) (:0)
ttirb 07-03-03 12:10
The EA stats policy and the fact that EA is so determent to ruin the game (by allowing weapons from expansion packs in the original game - like they spoiled BF2) just points out out the need for us users to boycot this kind of negative game developing.

If I wanted to support a game title that favours the addicted types with absolutely no-life, I'd have bought WoW instead! It's okay being better during skills... not cuz you need unlocks and have a life with family etc.

Say Quake Wars all... ;o)
lonelybig 07-03-03 15:21
update me plz.
MikytheBreaker 07-03-03 20:11
have i to pay to upload my stats?
Belzeboob 07-03-03 23:38
MikytheBreaker 07-03-04 12:15
update sorry

have i to pay tu UPDATE my stats? lol
1ApRiL 07-03-04 12:20
You don't have to pay for update.
You only have to follow the tutorial at the top of this article:
- Click on 'Control Panel' -> 'Soldier'
- Please Add you Soldiers name in the little Input field and save

Then wait for an update!
Mr_Adder 07-03-05 14:40
Now Waiting for Stats
|D|Bio 07-03-05 15:41
I just joined up and so far I like it a lot. Good job
price_is_wrong 07-03-05 19:32
I have checked out other static signature sites, and they suck compared to this one. I haven't had my sig fail once yet. Other sites may tell you which badges and pins you have gotten, but this one has pin counts as well. Another thing I love about this site, is that you can modify your signature how you see fit. I grabbed one that was already made and tweaked it with larger fonts. This site is awesome.
[3rd]Derthick 07-03-05 19:41
<--- haven't been updated in over a month.
Statc 07-03-07 19:23
why my battlefield 2142 stats doesn't show in this page?
KhanShinoR 07-03-07 22:38
read the tutorial at the top statc, you must wait for a while to have your stats on this serveur...i hope you understand my english, i m french...
Houtman92 07-03-08 06:41
9100 in que? why bother...
SaTaNSoN 07-03-08 15:59
I'm really angry and don't understand what's goin' on here ...

I registered weeks ago and started place 400 in waiting list (figure next to soldier name) as explained.

In the last 2 weeks it changed from 400 to 8000, then 3000, 2400, 400 again and now to 1800 ...

That's not fair and so i shit on that stats-sig now.
1ApRiL 07-03-08 17:16
SaTaNSoN, you entered the wrong soldier.
If I search 'SaTaNSoN' there were found 2 soldiers. 'SaTaNSoN|' and 'satanson'. In your profile is entered the lowercase soldier. But this lowercase soldier never played on a ranked server. Cause of this there are no stats and it can't update.
Please enter the correct soldier name: SaTaNSoN| and it will update.
DrJonF_Rockit 07-03-10 06:14
um, fill me in... WHY isn't CALIFORNIA listed in states within the united states?
KhanShinoR 07-03-10 11:10
Of course !!!!
DGYDP 07-03-10 16:17
9369 in queue now ... does that mean I'll have to wait another 47 days untill my stats get updated ?
MiPer 07-03-11 11:27
It.s been 9 days since i registered... STILL no update... anoing
WappieMatje 07-03-11 14:52
lol nope no update here yet :(
iamreddevil 07-03-12 16:48
- -* Of Course
KhaN-ShinoR 07-03-12 23:31
look at the list of players and try to find your stats with yours career points. i have to do like that (i hope you understand my english)
mygorn 07-03-15 11:11
casnovaz1 07-03-15 11:48
= =
HigH_HawK 07-03-15 13:40
If you all follow the instructions and the Tutorial made specially for all of you than there should be no problem that your stats will be updated.
w1zard 07-03-16 21:14
it's taking about 5 days to have the stats up-to-date. seems mine will be updated this saturday or maybe on sunday.
SxSnipeR 07-03-17 05:43
odd, i was at 8000 last night, now 1500. Thought it was 200 a night >_>
lpiquet 07-03-17 06:49
@ High Hawk

First of all, I didn't really want to post in this thread because you've been abused by WAYYYY to many moronic comments (hopefully this doesn't get viewed as one).

Second, this is definitely the best BF2142 stats site out there. The EA one is just downright pathetic. If they're going to be so anal about access, can't they at least mimic your good work so their site doesn't suck?

For a few weeks, my stats were updating regularly (every couple of days or so), but I haven't gotten any sort of update since Feb. 15. My position in the queue has rotated many times through though.

As you said in this post, sometimes you get bad connections, but am I that unlucky, or is there something specifically wrong about my player (Schottky) that is causing a problem?

Do I just need to be more patient?
bigbob2100 07-03-18 13:42
when will my stats get done?
aBnCrAzYbOy 07-03-18 16:30
i love this program!!!!!!
MAXXXX715 07-03-21 12:16
i love this program!!!!!!
andybigfeet 07-03-21 22:24
AODCruiser 07-03-21 23:45
sigs rock here
darthcid 07-03-22 04:06
OMG you gays, just learn a bit of patience, watch your internet porn or go play outside or whatever you kids are sposed to do nowadays and stop whinging about summin you didnt even pay for, make do fags.
powerpanda 07-03-22 10:30
where can i download the bf2142stat view?
visit here is too slow.
i want set up local
Db.Cooper 07-03-22 18:49
Still got nothing.. when are my stats updated ??
Smitth 07-03-22 18:53
nICE SITE!!!!!!!!!! WOW
Neuspeed 07-03-23 05:37
My register, buy my stats haven't updated?
ageiseric 07-03-23 10:30
Thanks A lot!!!!
ricom 07-03-23 21:10
great site
MAXXXX715 07-03-24 14:33
Please i like this program
very good information about game
BOHRadman 07-03-24 21:02
What a great site and service you and yours are providing..... and for free. Thanks for your support!
Crunchjaw 07-03-25 05:53
I've been registered on here with a soldier registered for about two hours now, and my stats update number for the wait is currently 11643. When I signed up it was 12347.
I am assuming that this means that the number of daily updates has been increased?...
Rustyleo 07-03-26 00:09
Gotto say that once your stats start updating this site is brilliant so thanks guys for all your efforts in a great free srevice .
daimoh 07-03-26 00:30
this stats site is great guys - keep up the good work, and try getting the num of updates per day up!
Jezath 07-03-26 13:06
thanks for setting my stats up m8

gr8 stuff
mistraloutfk 07-03-26 13:43
hi thanks for setting my stats too
bboyofnorway 07-03-29 05:56
Ive register like 2 months ago
Nothing has happend since then

CloudArc 07-03-29 09:44
Im still waiting for my stats to update :]
AutomanUk 07-03-29 20:26
Thanks to everyone involved in creating this fantastic stats site :)
Frang 07-03-29 23:38
Thanks to all that run this site and to Manboobs3 for his cool sigs. I know some here are angry so im leaveling this post to let you know that some of us appreciate what your doing here. Keep up the great work.
mrcamargo1978 07-03-30 04:05
price_is_wrong 07-03-30 17:44
Titan Medallion Award Requirements are wrong. It says you need to have Best Round Score of 70, but you actually need to earn 70 Gold Medals in Titan Mode.

This site is awesome!!!!
lfcensonick 07-03-30 18:33
is not ok my stadistics!! why??
neil27 07-03-30 19:58
i ve only been updated 1 in 2 weeks dont think i ll been using this site again
Pvt. Mac 07-03-30 20:05
I know what you mean but hey everyone has to have it their own way you guys Know what i mean?
sniper1man 07-03-30 20:49
why they don't update me?!
volcomfoxdude12 07-03-31 05:55
Are u guys only updating the 1-10 people in the world they are not special cause they have high ranks u need to update faster like And im no gonna come here anymore casue of this horrible service!
CloudArc 07-03-31 10:51
Mine got update in 3 days, be patient.
owen_wu 07-03-31 18:18
update me,thank!
owen_wu 07-04-01 06:36
free03280 07-04-01 14:53
Largo84 07-04-01 16:51
They the hell are you all moaning that you can't get your stats updated here? There's an offical Stats pages over on the EA website ffs.
Go fucking look around you retarded peen-arses, especially you, GeN2gUnLoCk. You're just a spoilt little shit who I'd love to kick in the teeth. Now stop fucking moaing or I'll give you another unwanted brother.
A.G.O. 07-04-02 07:54
why take too long???????
blnho 07-04-02 13:10
Svv@T update
Kave- 07-04-02 14:00
Keep up the good work!
Schap3lleCorby 07-04-04 16:08
Falcon(fr) 07-04-04 22:50
Badcop 07-04-05 07:15
almost one month no update no stats...poor service!!!
herbalz 07-04-05 13:46
my stats wont ever update here anymore, I want them for the signature!
HamiIton 07-04-05 16:09
WTF uppdate stats :(
thatonebigguy 07-04-05 18:20
My stats go beyond communication problems with EA's server. When I first signed up (couple of months ago) I got my stats but it has never updated since. I was a Field Comm. then and now I'm a Brig General, why would I want to display old stats...months old stats! I know this site is free but this is crazy, don't offer a service unless you can accomodate thousands of people, like a real stat site.
corporal killa 07-04-05 19:10
hoping a get an update on my name. i really wanna get a stat sig so i can see my progress. thnx
DarkWarri0r 07-04-05 20:47
thanks dude
flybird 07-04-06 09:54
Scrilian 07-04-06 12:20
signature reason only)
xiaoxcl 07-04-06 15:03
Falcon(fr) 07-04-06 23:43
dotcom41799 07-04-07 00:39
yeah... i'm waiting on my update now :|
synthetic3000 07-04-07 05:40
I like you site and helps alot on info
killbill71 07-04-07 15:31
gogogo !!!!
vin 07-04-08 02:24
what's a standard eta on this?
flybird 07-04-08 04:00
bonbom 07-04-08 11:27
kerbouchard06 07-04-08 19:35
hey im at i finally registered my soldier im 14458 in line and ill wait my turn just hope i dont get bumped back caus i want at least 1 update
OwnedBySondre 07-04-08 22:15
why can't I find me?
coops1977 07-04-09 02:31
hmmmmm a bit confused
Razvedka 07-04-09 05:49
bonbom 07-04-09 10:04
please update me ...
isaac331 07-04-10 00:57
I have been like a month without updating, anyone know when is my turn?
smiskaren 07-04-10 06:15
uppdate me
ShadesOfGrey 07-04-10 13:59
Thanks for the site!
Bumrushed420 07-04-11 03:56
No updates, but a shitpile of popup ads. Got plenty of time too make that crap but not update. Very disapointing.
armorer 07-04-11 05:32
I signed up about 10 days ago. Still no update. Anything going on??
KhaN-ShinoR 07-04-11 07:29
wait, gamespy problem 3 days ago...
faulk66 07-04-12 03:26
damcod 07-04-12 03:35
It's frustrating, thanks to EA being a big asshole for not letting anybody access their stat database.
Razvedka 07-04-12 05:46
andybigfeet 07-04-12 10:24
BloodyIceCream 07-04-12 13:08
How come when I completed the soldier registration, it only gives me a number and does not list my player name? I did everything just like you said HigH_HigH.
mrgrosser 07-04-12 22:44
HAHAH 200 stats a day.. I'm 14000 something in queue... only have to wait 70 days to get my data... meanwhile I can sit and have these popups sit on my screen.. can't WAIT!
netwizzard 07-04-13 18:53
if all you guys want to use working stats, go to this side:
Razvedka 07-04-14 05:44
raycc 07-04-14 11:03
maxpain740 07-04-14 12:48
Todd98 07-04-14 17:36
Hey All,
I registered my new account but did not receive the Authentication email. Did I do something wrong? Or does it take awhile to get the Authentication email.

albyyankinov 07-04-15 07:55
Same here
photon670 07-04-15 09:35
TO people that complain: Don't. If you complain about free service, go find someplace else. You should say "thank you" for it. This is a great project and the only blame is on EA for not letting the stats to be downloaded....
Razvedka 07-04-15 10:25
deadelvisuk 07-04-15 11:24
Well i been regestered here for over a month now and it still shows me as a noob rank 8-( . Oh netwizard is ok for stats as long as you dont mind them in another language which for me is utterly useless.
furgaz 07-04-15 15:18
update please!
Todd98 07-04-15 17:11
To photon670,
I am not complaining! I simply asked a question about the authentication email in which I never got to activate my account. Rand_CLR's web site is great, I think he and who ever else that might be apart of this site that had a helping hand in it did a great job! I never have complained about free service! Instead of chastising people and placing negative comments about others when they are asking for help or have a simple question to find a answer that would be helpful for that person. Maybe you need to go find someplace else that caters to your smart and nothing good to say comments. You obviously cannot comprehend what you read because if you did,You will see that my comment was not a complaint!!
Jito463 07-04-16 02:49
I don't think photon670 was aiming that comment at you. I believe it was aimed at those above you.
photon670 07-04-16 03:40
Thanks, Jito463. Todd98, my message was intended for people that complain... and not neceserely was it in response to your post. (asking questions is not always considered complaining). If you read this thread you would understand the reason I posted it here... Please do not be so emotional about this stuff... lighten up, man :)
schenker 07-04-16 09:27
SINCE 3-31-07 no updates, very poor service
nolloping 07-04-16 10:17
Nice job on the stats. I know you are under the gun every day and i think you are doing a very good job. Keep it up and don't let small people get you down.

hihi123123 07-04-16 13:03
why they don't update me
Jighen 07-04-16 13:23
plese update me
thirsty 07-04-16 13:32
Very cool site! Keep it up! Most people will understand it's NOT your fault the updates are taking so long.

Hopefully EA/Gamespy will find a solution soon.
kala_be 07-04-17 11:48
pls update kala_be
Ghost_Rider88 07-04-17 16:42
Please Update ***** Ghost_Rider88
Terminator 07-04-18 13:31
please uptade me
balac 07-04-18 19:29
Please update me i.e "Priv8_Balac"
Razvedka 07-04-19 05:00
hi tnx
Terminator 07-04-19 13:05
please update Cedbzh
Sleepy_dave 07-04-20 12:22
did what u said, havent updated yet, so PLZ! update my profile, it's: HalaineLarkin
1ApRiL 07-04-20 12:49
If you did evereything right what is written at the top of this article you get your soldier updated.

If you don't get an update after your queue position was at null you might delete and reenter your soldier in your control panel.
HigH_HawK 07-04-20 13:21
I am pretty sure that most people who are complaining about their stats not being updated have not followed the instruction in a way they should have done.
I have not had any problems with the update so far and I am with it since the Project started.
Please take the time it does not matter how long you need the result counts in the end.
jose 07-04-20 20:17
q pasaaaaaaaa
vin 07-04-21 03:04
i dont know what u guys are bitching about, it works like a charm. registered, added my char, forgot it for two weeks and voila :D

thx guys nice stuff
ekipo_ja 07-04-21 04:30
weahhhhhhhhhhhhh hi
samet_1905 07-04-21 17:23
please update me insidious saint
samet_1905 07-04-21 18:25
please update me InsidiousSaint
Palyton-x 07-04-21 21:56
Falcon(fr) 07-04-21 23:50
albyyankinov 07-04-22 08:10
awesome, thanks
furgaz 07-04-22 08:33
update pls.!
sin*09* 07-04-23 08:12
update pls
bendestroya 07-04-23 09:07
cant find my shizzit anywhere anyhow
Sgt.BuLLeT_69 07-04-23 17:26
Hope my number comes up soon, cant wait for those sigs!
ogm.k4b 07-04-24 09:33
plase update me
M4d8ird 07-04-24 09:37
ogm.k4b do not segnature why?
CaptMorgan1 07-04-24 20:19
I'm signed in but never got my email. Can't get stats at all. That sucks.
teufelhund1987 07-04-25 19:14
iwonder how long this will take
urban~MCS 07-04-26 00:27
its getting worse with the mofo's at EA i have had the criteria for the TITAN MEDALLION now for approx 3 days and ooh what a suprise i aint got it and to add injury to insult the stats on EA are not updateing properly.
SO now i have got to ask..i HAVE PAID FOR A PRODUCT that does not really work hmmmmm sounds familiar
OH and by the way Great site you guys have got here
venny 07-04-26 10:58
erm, does the add button actually add u too the queue? or mus i use the soldiers profile to manually save every soldier that i want to update?
1ApRiL 07-04-26 13:19
The Add button adds your soldier to a public queue, which updates actually every 4 hours.
But I want to increase the speed of the new public queue soon.
It's only for once. After an update you have to click again to add your soldier to the queue.

Our internal queue for registered members adds you automatically again.
Rogu3granny 07-04-27 00:57
I am ranked on your Bf2142 as number 3 and have been updated at regular intervals, however my personal stats have never been updated since the day i joined and are almost half a year old is there a way of fixing this ???????????????
oting 07-04-27 09:14
hoho,waiting stats
HigH_HawK 07-05-01 13:16
If you should not get any Stats update in a specific time period please remove the Soldier from your Account and reenter the Soldier again.
We have encountered problems with GameSpy changing PIDs for several players, as your Soldier was added before the change we have still got your old PID and this might be the reason that your stats are not updating.
venny 07-05-03 11:39
whats with the irritating popup ads fomr this site thats infected with trojans! :evil:
venny 07-05-03 11:57
is that popup supposed to be there or am i the only one experiencing that pesky popup ad.
1ApRiL 07-05-03 13:54
trojans are again our law.
There are no trojans.
It's only a misstake of your adaware or like that.
yomatt24 07-05-11 01:16
Wysiwyg 07-05-20 21:15
Any reason why only the last few dogtags collected are listed? I understand the EA situation, I just figure if you could get this much accomplished why not push you a bit more :P Thanks for a great site.
blindgunner 07-07-07 07:37
qixizheng 07-09-17 14:02
I need updata im chinese my english is not very well
christianwuest 07-11-16 00:07
fenerli-55 07-12-12 14:13
Madmit 07-12-12 20:26
very nice site thanks for admins
leonardosnbarros 08-01-08 19:35
I've tried to update my soldier with no success these days, Is it something going wrong?
Xx_Tribal_xX 08-06-09 18:56
My stats have not being updated for amost a week!
I've tried all the things mentioned on this site.

ShelbyB187 08-09-08 22:07
i earn medals and pins

but i don't get them ingame

wtf is wrong i payed 69 euro's...

EA sucks hard.....
raphk 08-09-09 19:32
plese update me
Skatershot 08-12-06 14:20
I found some new trix that i work out on my on but for somereason there is players that know some and do not share it with the rest so i think its not cool if u know some thing and like to have a fare battel share then it will help u and the rest of the players on the severs
and have FUN FUN FUN FUN
sloniara 10-11-11 16:46
please update
Shkolnuy 11-01-24 19:30
please update