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Bacon's badge/ribbon tips & tricks #2

Written on 07-06-04 19:01 from bigbacon Rating count: 1 | Rating: 10 | Rating


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Walldo3 07-06-11 00:50
I actually had an much much easier time getting titan combat excellence Gold than Titan Defense Gold. First and foremost get in a squad with the leader who has the quick beacon (11 seconds after death instead of 15...I actually did mine with the 15, but it's easier with the 11). One simple rule....don't be afraid to die in the titan. Rush people. I actually got mine as engineer using the SMG, but recon or assault would be better. Also, remember this...pick up fallen packs if you have the time. Use the enemy goodies against them. If you are recon, you can place your 2 APM mines out, plus any APM mines from fallen packs (friend or foe). I've had a dozen APM mines on the enemy titan before. Work with a good squad that isn't worried with blowing up the titan those points and kills before you destroy the titan. Remember, when you pick up packs from others, use whatever they have regardless of class (and remember to throw down supply crates and med hubs). They will disappear as the real owner uses those pieces again, but you might have an average of 30 seconds of use out of most of them. If you can have a dedicated medic, Great, but make sure to revive your medic if he dies.

Depending on how they defend their titan, it is often much better to stay on the TOP outside of the titan near the smokestacks. Trust me, they don't want you there and will keep coming after you. You can get 30 kills just in that area alone in a matter of a couple of minutes. Keep watching for podding enemy, throw down RDX and boom (make sure you don't bounce yourself off the titan).

One thing I noticed...even though you seemingly get 2 titan attack points for each titan gun destroyed, these do NOT count towards this badge. That is to say that you cannot destroy 8 of these guns for 16 titan attack points and then expect to only kill 14 people on titan assault. You will still need 30 kills.

One of the other things to consider is getting the titan almost blown up. Leave a single corridor to destroy (console 3 or 4). This helps you in a couple of ways. First, you know where most of their defenders are going to be. Second, their team will likely panic about their titan dying and will mostly go on defense so you have a greater number of enemies to kill.

One last bit of advice which is good advice whether you are trying for this badge or just playing titan assault. Do not simply spawn in the same place always. If your Squad leader has a beacon, use it every 3rd time or so. Otherwise, use APCs, or transports to get to their titan. If the beacon is all you have at least move you pod as much as you can so they can't simply camp your arrival.
edogfu 07-06-16 21:00
Another note for titan attack/defend points... You get an attack point everytime you destroy the guns on the enemy titan, and a defense point every time you kill an enemy with the titan cannons. It's just a way to get a head start on the action.
BraveSpear 07-06-20 18:46
Reply to edogfu: Titan guns do not count towards the badge.
Lupes? 07-07-05 00:22
true, easiest way is:
or RDX and APM spamming at the deck
or assault with rockets and Baur/Voss
Novtalath 07-07-09 09:49
My attack and defence had with support, turret and people radar thing. Mostly moving around titan cargo hold and killing people in vents (stupid guys always try to camp there). Also good one is wait till the will have 2 or 3 of them in the vent corridor (they wait for some cannon fodder) and then throw a nade in there. Good one also is pod on titan deck with recon and throw RDX into the upper entrance to vents. 2 or 3 will be enough. Lot of peeps died this way from me :> They lay there and wait for defenders to drop into this hatch. They dont expect RDX :> Or they are not convinced that it will kill them :>
Pirate023 07-07-10 21:17
the titan combat excellence gold badge is impossible to get. I get really close to get it then people on my team rush and destroy the titan before i can blow it up!!!! Any suggestions on how to get it because i am trying to get all the badges.
bigbacon 07-07-16 15:42
I think with the 1.40 patch, using the Clarke may be a VERY good way to get 30. Increased shot speed will do wonders in the close quarters of the titan
sapienyia 07-07-22 19:38
I got that thing, just today.

There are some factors to consider:

1. Some players are assulting the enemy titan. 2-3 players will face serious disadvantages, since the enemies will pin down all of you easily

2. Enemies are eagar to land on the deck. This is quite obvious, just use your PK-74 for long range (Estimate the emeny's direction)and VOSS for short range (No BAUR, you need some ammo and sustained shooting). there is no point to get into the titan since the enemies can run along the corridors and they do not appear easily.

3. Your titan should be close to the enemy titan. You need some convenient transportation in order to return to the enemy titan quickly since you are racing aganist the destruction of titan, either sides. make sure you spot enemies on the deck before landing (Make every trip worth).

4. And....some luck! lol
SpartanAdam 07-07-24 08:47
Best way to get titan defend points is to be an engineer and stay in a long corridor. It's important that the server is NOT friendly fire. First, put up a drone about halfway down aimed at the opening. Next, place a shield farther down the corridor behind those medal sheets sticking out. Finally, put your ammo box down and just keep launching nades - the drone will tell you when someone is close.

Don't worry if they destroy consoles 2 and 4 or 1 and 3, the enemy will come to you eventually.

If someone were to manage to make it past the drone, past the nades, and get close enough to hurt you just drop a nade on top yourself an start hopping - since the server is FF off he'll come running at you and blow up.
neverping 07-08-02 01:23
Titan Destruction Achievement

SILVER: Get RDX. Let your team mates make the enemy titan get armor below 25%. When it is near to be destroyed, plant all your 5 RDX and blow it!

Surely, you will the core destructor! :D
Lupes? 07-08-06 01:34
destroyed the core 5 times already with my maingun like this =)
wait till the health reaches nearly zero and then shoot =)
Alan Doyle 07-08-26 04:38
Titan attack (Gold)

For sure one of the tougher badges to get! Took me about 6 weeks originally, but I recently did it again on a fresh soilder on my 2nd/3rd attempt.

My original method was Recon on a 48 man server, APM/RDX'ing like a mad-man, Suez canal with the titans close so I could just pod over. As luck would have it, we actually blew the core, and dis-grunted I tossed my last two APM's and with the enemy disserting the titan that was enough to push me over the limit. Close and TOUGH!

However, what I recommend is going as support, setting up shop on the middle level (outside) in a corner (on the drop down to the lower deck - facing the "chimneys") with your sentry gun covering you - and ideally also a "chute" down. Take the Ganz unlock as it's better against infantry than the normal one (IMHO), right click to get the "scope" when shooting. If you have the squad leader drone (ancipter or whatever it's called) thingie.....bring that along. I never did, but it probably won't hurt. Sure, you'll get killed a lot, but you'll pick up a lot of kills with the Sentry gun.

On a busy server they come hard and fast. I managed to even get kicked (lost connection) and rejoined after rebooting 2142 and STILL managed to get it with 2-3 mins to spare. A LOT different from my first time last December.
Kurokawa 07-10-07 02:47
Still missing my Gold Attack. Came withing a few kills as I was the only one attacking. Only thing that throws this as a hard badge to win is cause the silos can do quick work on the titan when their controlled by one side, which is what happened to me, just ran out of time.
xycutter 07-10-15 14:15
I found this badge really hard to get. I used Recod with RDX and APMs combined with gunwork. The last 9 points were 8 with a pilum on the titan guns and 1 kill with the engineer SMG when I podded back up. That last kill came moments before the round ended.

APMs placed either at the entrace to the upper halls (right before you drop). In front of the grenade protected console corridors. In front of the unprotected halls where people try to come out and ambush attackers. Placed in the cargo bay where defenders run around to grenade the upper hallway.

RDX spam and run tactics around defenders. RDX holding position in the drop down area of the upper hallway.

Gun/knife when out of APMs and RDX until I died.

The problem is you may end up killing 40 defenders to get this badge as you will only get 1 attack point per 10 - 15 seconds or so which is dumb.

I scored 102 points and got a gold star at the same time I got this badge which indicates how hard it was to get. That was a round with titan gun-spammers (non-locked) scoring as well.
bigAPE 07-10-25 10:52
One last time, destroying the Titan Guns and AA does not count towards Titan Attack Points they give you a Titan Attach *Bonus*, which is not the same thing.

Titan Defence badges are certainly easier to get. Get on the losing side of a 48 player server. Get on the Titan guns as an Engineer and rack up the Titan Defence Points (all titan gun kills count).

Just as your Shield is about to go down change to Support and get down to Corridor 1 ASAP. Before you take up position, deploy the IDS in the middle of the Cargo Bay (hidden).

Set your Ganz up by the Console and deploy your Sentry on the right about 3 meters in front pointing at the entrance with an Ammo crate (so it resupplies indefinitely.

Then you'll have a never ending Sentry and full personnel radar coverage. All you do then is nade-spam the top of the whenever a little red blob tries to run in. Mix this up with some hardcore Ganz action with the sight up (obviously) and you will be real hard to beat.

Only morons running in front and trying to name out the top of the corridor can give the enemy a chance to get far enough in to cause a problem. You will get headshot from time to time by those aimbot using 1 shot "miracle snipers", but that's just the game right now. If you do, then let them take the console, pod onto the landing zone and run up behind them lob some nades in the corridor as they come running out.
OrdiBart 07-12-04 23:07
Titan Attack Gold

Finally i got it... Just get your shotgun out and shoot everyone you see, plant Sentry Gun and use the SL-RPU. It worked for me.
repairman007 08-02-13 22:12
ive been calculating when i wanted the gold titan destruction medal. with the rdx and 2 grenades you can destroy 2 consoles. with all your lamber magazines you can destroy the third. the core is no problem with rdx. i whas on a server where my whole team whas helping me to get the medal. contact me and i give you the ip.
bigbacon 08-03-24 14:30
with 1.40, titan defence is a breeze.
Take the infantry sonar and the clark.
Put the sonar in the middle of the cargo bay doors (the big closed ones). The sonar will cover all the opening to the titan.

Camp behind the crates and watch the sonar. Soon as someone is there run out and gun them down. You can almost single handely defend the titan this way. Unless they have 10 guys assualting at one time, you don't need anyone else.
ArmoredSarge 12-11-06 17:22
A bit late to comment but I probably had the luckiest/greatest moment of getting the gold titan destruction achieve badge. the server is 48+ I manage to destroy 3 of the consoles in seconds due to the defenders getting in late. But when we get in the core nades are everywhere and in about 15 seconds the core litteraly has 1 HP left. When I get downed by nades, I get revived and I have an assault kit all of a sudden. Well I switch to the pk rockets and fire 1 rocket point blank at the core and it destroys it along with awarding me the badge... Luckiest badge I ever got.