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the badges and ribbons that bigbacon hasn't writed

first of all i want to say that i'm not as good like BigBacon. i only try to help people.

Pac Duty Ribbon
1 time played Suez Canal Map
1 time played Shuhia Taiba Map
1 time played Camp Gibraltar Map
1 time played Sidi Power Plant Map
1 time played Tunis Harbor Map
120 Hours played as PAC Team

European Duty Ribbon
1 time played Verdun Map
1 time played Minsk Map
1 time played Fall of Berlin Map
1 time played Belgrade Map
1 time played Cerbere Landing Map
120 Hours played as EU Team

Just play on every map 1 time and play a lot. You can only get these if you play.

Armored Service Ribbon
in 1 round 20 Minutes in Armor
in 1 round 20 Kills with Armor

i suggest a titan map or assualt lines, there aren't a lot of tanks in conquest.
suez canal in conquest has a lot of tanks; minsk, berlin,... have a few.
but take big maps because they last longer,
the 20 minutes in tank: just go in tank every round and dont go out
the kills: try to kill infantry: 1 hit = dead, when you fight another tank shoot him in his back at his rear spot. walkers are harder to kill with a tank, i suggest try to kill them from far away because walkers areclose ranged. But try to avoid them; when you meet one, try to aim his rear spot between the feet and the head. if your very lucky you'll shoot right between it.

imagine this is a walker,try to shoot between the 3 and the 2

... l333l ........

Armor Service Badge
In One Round: 15 Minutes in Armor
In One Round 15 Kills with Armor
25 Hours Played with Armor

In One Round 35 Kills with Armor
50 Hours Played with Armor

bronze you get when you go for the armor ribbon, for silver you need to sit 25 hours in armor, so i suggest do this while being commander.
then you need 15 kills, this isn't that hard. Then, for gold, another 25 hours, really bored. Once you wasted 50 hours of your life, you need another 35 kills.

I think it's one of the hardest badges, together with AA bagde.

Aircraft Service Badge
In One Round: 15 Minutes in airvehicle
In One Round 15 Kills with air vehicle
25 Hours Played with air vehicle

In One Round 35 Kills with air vehicle
50 Hours Played with air vehicle

this one is exactly the same as the Armor Service Badge, so the same tips: go commander
for the aa kills i should suggest a walker second seat
a little trick that could help you (found on this site at the comments from bigbacon)
shoot with the titan ground cannon and then switch fast to the titan AA gun
when you kills someone it count as AA kill

something i got from a forum: this may help you

APC's are wierd, as has been described before: They count for both armor time and transport time. APC kills do count towards the armor service *ribbon* but *not* the armor service *badge*. But, (confused yet?) the APC time does count towards your total armor time, as viewed under the armor service *medal* but not the erroneous time shown under the *badge.* But, even though the *badge* time display is wrong, it doesn't matter- you can still get the gold if the time display under the *medal* says you have enough hours... Make sense??

by the way, for armor you can also use a walker
i just discovered this :P
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hannesdelbeke 08-09-05 21:51
something is wrong with my walker, i cant draw it
i also cant edit my text, maybe theres a timelimit? i'll change as fast as possible
JOTAGore 08-09-16 12:45
not much like a walker
bigbacon 08-10-15 14:57
whoa.... I missed some? I need to look over this again. I swore I covered them all, or at least I did over at the EA forums. Thanks!
hal loke 09-04-06 17:28
what ar you ment to do on this like just chat
Toxins 09-11-28 23:03
i have every single award, yes, it took dedication